FRIGORIFICO ROSARIO began its activities on april 4, 1989 when he made his first kill. The plant had been acquired in 1988 through a judicial auction. It dates from 1928 and in the course of the years were incorporated buildings and modifications, in this way

expand your work capacity. The improvement of their equipment and facilities have allowed FRIGORIFICO ROSARIO to expand its supply capacity and thus its authorization to export to different countries.


We are an organization that through its knowledge and experiences we generate well-being to our internal and external customers in a sustainable way, fully satisfying the needs of society, which guarantees a leadership position in a demanding market.


To be the leading company in meat products differentiated by the highest quality standards that allow us to grow in our recognition, reaching leadership positions in the competition segments contributing with social responsibility to the economic development of the country, while generating value to our partners and shareholders.


1) Focus on the client

Total commitment with internal and external clients embracing your priorities like ours.

We act with integrity and do the right thing regarding our products and procedures.


2) Transparency

Our behaviors and behaviors aim to make that we learn with our mistakes, so as not to commit them again. we motivate dialogue with our customers and suppliers, helping us to generate confidence, in addition to improving as professionals and people.


3) Respect

We treat everyone how we like to be treated. We are guided by our ethical principles.


4) Excellence

We constantly encourage the offer of innovative solutions and we look for excellence in everything we do. We develop these capabilities throughout the organization, in the pursuit of fidelity of our internal and external customers.


      Maximize profits.                                       Increase markets.


      Corporate social responsibility.                     Maximize sales revenue.


The hacienda that receives daily FRIGORIFICO ROSARIO is rigorously selected both in its quality and in its health condition. The asepsis of our plant installed in all the stretches of the line of work and permanently allows us ensure an end of work in the best conditions with products high quality. The use of more than 400,000 lts. water diaries,  which is previously treated and purified to the maximum, they speak clearly about the excellence of our processes.


The same qualification deserves the wastewater treatment of our refrigerator. Five decanting tanks show our good i treat the environment. we pour to the stream "Paso de la arena" totally purified waters. The investment in equipment cold and refrigerated trucks have prepared us fully for a national distribution and also to make an important export quota.

Office: Islas Canarias 6085

Telefax: (+598) 2 306 10 02/07


Montevideo - Uruguay

Plant: Huertos del Rosario

Tels.: (+598) 4552 2729 - 2471 - 3068

Fax:(+598) 4552 3069


Rosario - Colonia - Uruguay